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Friday, December 7, 2012

Help Nanette find a Family for Christmas

I accidentally stumbled upon a story today and I was left speechless....

I don't know if many of you were aware, that children in Eastern European nations that are born with Down Syndrome are considered outcasts. There are many things that go on in this world that we are unaware of, and this is one that left me saying to myself "I had no clue". This is what happened to precious "Nanette". Please take the time to stop by and read this important article, and help Nanette find a home for Christmas by going to Reece's Rainbow and donating at least $10 or more to Nanette's grant fund there.  I will be praying that she finds a home. Every child deserves a loving, safe, home.

Go to:


Your help is needed

** Donating will also enter you into a drawing to win an Ipad Mini

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